E-Sports and Dude Be Nice collaborate for a Teachers vs Students competition

Glen A. Wilson clubs Dude Be Nice and E-Sports Club hosted a joint event for students to test their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate skill against some of Wilson’s own staff on Nov. 8th.

The competition was held in the media center with Mr. Justin Ro, Mr. Corbin Blanchard, Mrs. Courtney Bushyeager, and Mr. Daniel Esparza volunteering to participate in the event on the side of the teachers.

The media center quickly filled with students, and a quick warm-up match between the four staff members went underway while many more entered with their lunch in hand, with students being able to participate afterwards.

Anderson Sheu (12), president of the E-Sports Club, detailed what went on behind the scenes to make this happen.

“Bradley Co, president of Dude Be Nice, had originally asked if we could host a tournament for the teachers and students. This was my first time organizing an event like this, so I was extremely thankful that I had the opportunity to help. Sheu was “pleasantly surprised” to see the large turnout, adding that he “never expected the media center to be packed,” only expecting “around 40 or so students.” Sheu then spoke on the possibility of a follow up. “Right now, nothing is set in stone, but I am discussing potential events. All I can say is stay tuned.”

Competitor for the teacher’s side Daniel Esparza stated his experience playing Smash Bros.

“I am pretty familiar with Smash. I originally played on the Nintendo 64, we used to rent it from Blockbuster and it was the game of choice. During college is when I played Smash Ultimate.” Esparza then noted his overall view on the event. “I expected maybe ten to fifteen people, because I didn’t know how big clubs were and how much word had spread. When I showed up there were around 150 students.” He then ended with “[The event was] lots of fun. It brought me back to my college days, and E-Sports is something that I hope grows and that in the future I’m able to participate in more events or help out in any other way.”

Noah Martinez (12) described his feelings as one of the first students to go up. Martinez and his teammate defeated Blanchard and Esparza in the first match between students and teachers.

“I was excited because I would get to show off my skills. I was not nervous at all, just full of pure excitement. [During the match,] I just thought ‘I am going to win this.’ I had a really great teammate, and we would not have won if we did not work as a team.” Martinez expressed his wishes for a follow up, joking “My only question is when I will be allowed to use my Gamecube controller in any of these tournaments.”

With high interest in a continuation from attendees and satisfaction from those that set up the event, the only question left is when and where the next Smash Bros. event will happen.


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