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Drama performs its spring musical

Provided by Nadia Dorsey

 The Catstyles Theatre recently held its 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee performance in the Little Theatre from Apr. 12 to 14.

 The spring musical centered around six middle-school kids who compete to become the spelling bee champion. The cast consisted of drama students and members of choir and dance P.E. Actors used class and afterschool time four months prior to rehearse. Tickets for the musical sold for $10 pre-sale and $13 at the door.

 According to drama teacher Kim Weaver, the show offered a different style of acting for performers.

 “The musical gave my students a unique opportunity to take a different route of acting, because acting for a play and acting for a musical are very different,” Weaver said.

 Advanced drama member senior Paul Pangan says that the acting and audience reactions made the show a success.

 “Even though we messed up and confused our lines, the cast and set crew [still] did their best, [which] was perfect,” Pangan said. “The audience was very responsive, which gave us a lot of energy and made it easier to perform.”

 Advanced drama member sophomore Colleen Gapuzan says that she felt many emotions after the performances.

 “After the show, I realized that this was the last show I would perform with my seniors. It was very humbling [and] sad,” Gapuzan said.

 The next drama performance will be the advanced and intermediate Senior Showcase on May 3 and 4.

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