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Drama performs its first show of the year

Drama performance

  Catstyles Theater brought a night of laughs and kicked off the drama season at Drama Night Live in the Little Theater on Sept. 7th and 8th.

  The performance featured recreations of skits and sketches from classic TV comedies such as Saturday Night Live, Key and Peele, Mad T.V. and Studio C.

  According to Drama teacher Kim Weaver, the annual performance served as an opening to the new school year.

   “[Drama Night Live] was a good way to start the year because we have a lot of new kids and it was a very easy [show] to [prepare for]. It was nothing complicated like Haunted Theater or Murder mystery, so it was a good [starting] point for the new [performers],” said Weaver.

  Drama captain senior Nadia Dorsey says that obstacles did not come up during rehearsals, which included practices both in class and after school.

  “[There were] not really any difficulties. We had more time this year since [we] moved the show date [back], so we just kept rehearsing until we got the set pieces and props together [for the show].”

  According to drama co-captain senior Natalie Madrid, the success of the performance exemplified drama members’ talents.

  “The event went [very well], because [even though] the first show was the most nerve-racking show, everyone worked together,” said Madrid. “[Everybody] had their own special talent and energy that they brought to [the show].”      

  Drama’s next event will be Haunted Theater on Oct. 27, 30 and 31.

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