Drama hosts first show of the year


  Catstyles Theater hosted its annual Drama Night Live (DNL) on Sep. 5 and 6. 

  Drama Night Live featured advanced drama students performing comedy sketches from Saturday Night Live (SNL), Comedy Central and more. DNL offered advanced drama students the opportunity to showcase their comedic abilities and set a strong precedent for the year to come. 

  According to drama teacher Kim Weaver, the show set a positive outlook for this year’s performances, despite some hindrances to their progress. 

  “[One of] the challenges [we faced included] how quickly [the students] move. They [prepare] everything [in] about two to three weeks, so everything is [very] rushed,” Weaver said. “This year’s group is really cooperative; they have good personalities [and] work really well together. [The students] are [also] a smaller class, [so] I have more expectations [for them] to step up, as they are all in more [scenes] than they have ever been.”

  Additionally, advanced drama president senior Fayelin Plascencia attributed the show’s success to the hard-working advanced drama students, and described how the show stood out from previous years. 

  “[Drama Night Live]  is more comedic because of the fast-paced scenes that we chose this year,” Plascencia said. “[All of the actors] made sure [they knew] their characters and a responsive audience helped make the show successful.”

  Furthermore, advanced drama senior Mayeli Mendoza added that she especially enjoyed preparing for the show because it helped set a good foundation for the rest of the year. 

  “Because this was my first year in the program, I was really [nervous], but also really excited to [perform]. My favorite part of the performance was bonding with everybody offstage and being able to be a part of [a production],” Mendoza said.

  Catstyles Theater’s will host will be Haunted Theater on Oct. 29, 30 and 31.

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