Drama Casts a Debut Student Director


 Drama recently held auditions for its first ever student-director set to direct the first play of the school year on Aug. 22.

  The auditions consisted of applicants receiving a script in advance and directing two students on how to perform the scene. Titled “A Gift to Remember,” the student-directed play will feature a group of people stranded in a train station after their train breaks down.

  Junior Lauren Schmidt, who received the role as the student director, believes this role will further her knowledge of the drama program.

 “[My goal] is to not only become a better actor but also improve in the technical aspects of all plays. [In addition], I [hope] to get to know my fellow drama members better,” Schmidt said.

 According to drama director Kimberly Weaver, the play gives  students room for growth.

 “This will be a great experience, [because] all of the roles are leads,” Weaver said. “This is [beneficial, because] we have a lot of people who have never done a play before.”

 The casting for characters in the play will be held on Aug. 27 and 28. Prospective cast members will recite a monologue in front of Weaver and other judges.

 Regarding his upcoming audition, junior Justin Hernandez admits that he feels nervous.

 “I am confident in the way I will perform but not in the roles I might receive” Hernandez said.  “I will [prepare for the auditions by] practicing, memorizing [the script] and talking to Mrs. Weaver.”

 Drama’s next performance will be Drama Night Live on Sept. 6 and 7.

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