Doctor Who’s second wind?

  “If she ever remembers me, she will die.”

  The 13th Doctor, that is to say, the one prior to the current one, had a few hiccups in her run but was overall pretty fun. 

  The biggest change this season is undoubtedly the returning casts. David Tennant originally played the Doctor way back in 2005. The writer of the 13th Doctor’s era, Chris Chibnall, is being replaced by Russel T. Davies, who wrote the show during Tennant’s original run as the Doctor. Murray Gold is returning to Doctor Who after his absence in the Chibnall era.

  The first special released so far “The Star Beast” follows the Doctor having a chance encounter with his old companion, Donna Noble. During this encounter, a ship crashes and lands as another race of aliens is hunting the marooned alien. The Doctor seeks to help the marooned alien, and the episode follows the outcome and his dealings with the hostile aliens.

  This episode was a big deal because it was a sort of return to form for the series. The writing felt fun and serious at the same time. It struck a great balance of being able to introduce new fans to the show and being able to please long-time fans of the series. The episode starts with a short section detailing past events between the Doctor and Donna which, when you have seen the original show, feels boring and slow. In contrast to this, the episode feels confusing as your understanding of the story and characters is little to none without the prior context.

  Murray Gold is BACK. His use of the music in this episode was spectacular. The score is riddled with bits and pieces of other songs and other character’s themes. Not once in the episode did he fail to capture the emotion the showrunners are trying to convey. 

  Tennant’s performance was perfect as always. He feels a bit like the Doctor during his original run in 2005 while also a bit more mature and healthy. He aged a bit in the time between his original run and his current one, but he still rocks that suit and sneakers combo perfectly.

  The special effects in the show were very good, and much better than every other season so far. With the series being on Disney+–and partially funded by them–the show now has a bigger budget for music, sets, and special effects. 

  The franchise as a whole is wonderful, and has lots of fun and interesting ideas. Lots of the concepts inside of the series technically take place over all of time and space, allowing for a lot of creative freedom. The show is wonderful to binge and has a lot of great moments.

  Showrunner Russel T. Davies has said that the next episode “Wild Blue Yonder” pushes the series “in a direction it hasn’t quite gone before” and it was filmed entirely within a set allowing them to never be photographed or recorded while filming. He says that it is exciting because normally, due to the large fan base of the show, things get announced due to filming on location so to be able to have an episode where nobody knows anything ahead of release is a new stage for the series.

  The next special, “Wild Blue Yonder” is set to premiere on Saturday, December 2nd at the same time it airs on the BBC in the United Kingdom.

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