District and State Exams Rescheduled due to Unexpected Network Error

Due to unprecedented network interruptions, Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) reschedules district and state tests.

Approaching the exam season, GAWHS originally scheduled its district-wide assessment (known as S-Map) and the state-wide California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) exam for the week of Apr. 10. However, due to limited network bandwidth, the simultaneous administration of two exams turned out impractical. 

Classes were initially placed into block schedules to designate a 2-hour testing block, and this testing schedule was to allow for the completion of S-Map and CAASPP exams in the span of a week. Upon encountering the technology glitch, exams were put on pause on Apr. 11 and students were notified to look out for an updated class schedule.

Test-taker Sophia Razura (11) recalls her testing experience with the burdened network.

“It took 30 minutes to [log] onto the testing portal, it was horrible,” Razura described. “I did not have time to finish the exam.”

Furthermore, Student Izaiah del Leon (10) shares his initial reaction to the change in schedule.

“This kind [of] sucks because now we would have to test at a later time again,” Leon said. “But at the same time, I am glad to have a break from testing.”

In response to the unexpected situation, class schedule has been revised to administer the two exams separately to accommodate for the limited bandwidth. As a result, GAWHS classes will be held on a block schedule for the next three weeks.

While there are conflicted reactions to the sudden change in schedule, Nathan Chen (10) sees the revised testing schedule in a positive light.

“The new schedule gives us more time to do labs and other longer class activities, especially for the science classes.”

The extended testing schedule is set to complete the administration of S-Map and CAASPP by Apr. 28. 

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