Disney’s “The Owl House” episodes are leaked, adding more challenges to the official release of the show

*Spoiler warning for The Owl House

Sometimes when things are ‘For the Future,’ it could also mean right now. 

As many fans patiently wait for the new The Owl House episode titled “For the Future”, it seems that the news has already made rounds on the internet. The show’s new episode was originally scheduled to release on January 21st, but just last Saturday, parts of the episode and its audio was leaked, effectively spoiling major plots in the show.  

The Owl House is an animated television series that first aired back in 2020, featuring the human child Luz Noceda, who escapes a summer camp into an old house that ends up being a portal to a different realm with witches and magic, called the Boiling Isles. Upon realizing that she fits in more in the new realm than back home, she focuses on making friends with others rather than trying to find a way home. The series mainly focuses on Luz’s adventures and experiences with different characters, with the occasional episode dedicated to a character’s backstory.  

While seasons one and two of The Owl House saw Luz avoiding going back home to a world she doesn’t belong in, her guilt eventually gets the best of her. After discovering that her mother misses the real her, Luz can no longer decide which world she wants to stay in. She battles with this indecisiveness while simultaneously leading a revolution on the Boiling Isles. Luz’s reluctance to return home becomes a problem when she is forced to return home anyways and accidentally brings her new friends with her. Luz helps them adjust to the new environment in a similar way to how they helped her adjust to their realm. Over time, they once again discover another portal, and this time Luz chooses to enter the witches’ realm to fix the mess she feels responsible for starting before she left. This is the cliffhanger season three episode one left its viewers on. 

Understandably, many fans are eager for the release of the next episode, season three episode two, with many fans already reposting the leaked video clips to social media sites such as TikTok and YouTube. With this, fan artists, theorists, and writers of The Owl House community are quick to post their own thoughts on the leaks in anticipation of the official release. 

The show’s creator, Dana Terrace, took to Twitter to vent about her frustration with such an event happening to her own show, but she deleted it hours later to remain professional on her account. After deleting her tweets, she reiterates that her emotions still stand. 

Leaks of major upcoming shows are not uncommon in the world of fast entertainment, but they are still an inconvenience to fans who actively try to avoid spoilers so they could actually enjoy watching the show. When pieces of an unfinished story get out to the public, it can be especially frustrating to the viewers. 

Terrace’s reaction to news of her own show being leaked is understandable, given that this is not the first hurdle the show has had to overcome. The Owl House’s past challenges include bypassing Disney’s attempt at censorship since the main characters of the show are canonically part of the LGBTQ community. The show would later have trouble airing in different countries that have such restrictions.

 The show has also had to face having planned seasons cut short by Disney, and as a result, having entire storylines scrapped by the team. Having to reduce the number of episodes released, many new plots had to be implemented, which would normally cause a noticeable difference to the fans. 

However, thanks to the team’s efforts through all of these changes, many fans still applaud the show’s ability to maintain continuity within the plot. Despite the storyline challenges, the show uses foreshadowing and flashbacks to tie in loose ends and answer questions about the world Terrace created. 

The show has remained exceedingly popular within the past year, though it hasn’t stopped Disney from trying to cancel it multiple times. Regardless, the new episode will still be released on January 21st of this year, and we can only hope for smooth sailing throughout the rest of the show’s air time. 

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