Diamond Bar HS defeats badminton in home upset

On Apr. 19, badminton took on Diamond Bar HS at home, losing 4-17.

Eric Zhu (12) shares how he feels about his performance and his matchup’s outcome.

“I felt like we underperformed in this game compared to our away game against Diamond Bar, where our score was 9-12, only two games away from winning,” Zhu said. “We could have won more games against them and there were obvious things we could have improved on as a team to do that.”

William Ma (12) describes what he hopes for the future and how he will improve.

“I plan on improving my shot variety more and sometimes repeat some shots to confuse my opponents in future games,” said Ma.

Ka Chung Keith Leung (11) explains what he could do better in the future.

“I felt disappointed, and I should have helped my teammates better. I also think I should hit their backhand more because their backhand is not good at all,” Leung said. “Overall, I learned that I should be better at communicating with my teammates, and I will improve on it by playing more games with them.”

Badminton will next face Webb HS at home on Apr. 24. 

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