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Despite loss, Dodgers play an unforgettable World Series

I don_t even watch baseball (Commentary) Ying Yang

 BATTER UP! The 2017 World Series threw us a fastball filled with many surprises.

 The Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers began their clash to be this season’s Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series champion on Tuesday, Oct. 24. This championship will be one for the ages, because it is the first time in twenty-nine years that the Dodgers played in the World Series.. In the end, however, the Astros won four out of the seven games, making this the first time they have ever won the World Series.

 Nonetheless, the Dodgers played exceedingly well in both the regular and postseason. In fact, despite their eleven game losing streak during the regular season, this has been one of the best seasons in Dodgers history.

 Most notably, both teams broke the world record in Game 5 for the most home runs in one game with a total of 7 homers.  Although they lost with a score of 12-13, the Dodgers were ultimately capable of showing their effective offensive and defensive power. For instance, the Dodgers led the score for the first half of the game due to their extraordinary batters and outfielders.  As a result, the Dodgers were able to keep the Astros on their toes with their powerful plays, thereby establishing themselves as tough competitors against the Astros.

 Moreover, the Dodgers were composed of players with immeasurable talent. For example, twenty-two-year-old rookie Cody Bellinger hit 39 home runs during the regular season, becoming the youngest player to hit a homerun in the playoffs in ten years. Additionally, the Dodgers demonstrated their excellent defense when they were able to get two Astros players out in one pitch during Game 3.  Overall, the Dodgers demonstrated their immense strength and skill throughout the series.

 While some Astros supporters believe that the Dodgers did not play well this season, especially due to their poor attempts in Game 7, it does not devalue the Dodgers’ overall achievements in this series. In fact, the seventh game only showed how the Astros were the slightly superior team by winning through their better offensive players.  Therefore, judging the Dodger’s work ethic this season solely based on their performance in Game 7 is unfair, especially since they gave their best efforts all season.

 All in all, despite the outcome, the Dodgers performed extremely well this season. It is also remarkable for their fans to see them make it to the World Series and boosting the team’s morale. This season will be a steppingstone for years to come, because the Dodgers will only continue to  get better from here.

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