David Dobrik’s popularity explained through kind actions and pranks


  “If you give something to someone, I always think that it will come back to you.”

   These were the wise words of David Dobrik in a video, right before presenting $40,000 in cash to one of his close friends. Sure enough, the amount of views the video generated is evidence that Dobrik is not only wise, but correct. 

  In the past year, social media influencer and Youtube personality David Dobrik has made over more than 8 million dollars, boosting his net worth up to 7 million. However, his viewers know that the number does not do him justice. 

  The real worth of David Dobrik lies in his 4 minute and 20 second long videos. Within them, Dobrik has provided his audience with original quality content, from golden reactions of people receiving his generous gifts to his creation of hilarious pranks.

 In a recent video, Dobrik gave a homeless fan a brand new Chrysler, on top of a year’s supply of Chipotle burritos and sets of clothes. This obviously warmed the hearts of many viewers, seeing as the video earned more than 700,000 likes. The gesture only added to the generous  trend of giving cars on Dobrik’s channel.

  Even before his fame and fortune, Dobrik relied on hysterical pranks to create content. This ranged from faking the end of the world to marrying his best friend’s mom– both of these happening to just prove a point. It really reveals Dobrik is a child at heart, being able to take a joke by acting out with another one. 

  Perhaps that is why the audience is so in love with this Youtuber’s pranks. Dobrik has a knack for giving his audience genuinely touching episodes that you can also get a laugh out of. In this, he draws out raw emotion. Who doesn’t love that?




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