Cross country races to CIF playoffs

Glen A. Wilson’s boys’ and girls’ cross country competed in league finals at Horsethief Canyon in San Dimas, California on Nov. 1. 

The girls took first place at league championships while the boys placed second overall. The entire cross-country program will be heading to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) playoffs at Mt. San Antonio College on Nov. 12. 

Reflecting on their race,  captain Bryan Ramos (11) explains how hard his team trained for league finals, even going as far as doubling the number of miles they would normally run. 

“We prepared a lot by running many more hills than normal,” Ramos said. “Additionally, running double the amount of mileage we typically would stretch our lungs and get our legs used to pumping our weight forward for a long time.”

Ramos also expresses his inspiration and admiration for last year’s front-runner, Gio Gudiel, and how he inspires him to continue his legacy. 

“He was a really good friend of mine,” Ramos said. “He has taught me a lot of tips to go off of, and his legacy from the two years I knew him lives on.” 

Furthermore, Captain Michael Jolley (10) placed 10th out of 38 girls. For her, the team’s victory meant the world. 

“This race was very different for us because our number one runner was out due to an injury,” Jolley said. “It was extremely important for our team to push ourselves ahead of the other girls, and I think we did a wonderful job.”

Additionally, Jolley feels that she has improved a lot this year, something she contributes in part to becoming captain. 

“I felt like I have improved running, especially mentally as I have more confidence in myself,” Jolley said. “Since this year I am a captain I have felt a lot more responsibility to be a leader so that I can lift my teammates up.” 

Finally, head coach Mike Gomez could not help but express his proudness towards the entire team.

“I am very proud of all my runners,” Gomez said. “They all ran extremely well; they ran for their team, they ran for themselves and they ran for their families.” 

Cross country will head to CIF playoffs on Saturday, and the entire Wildcat family will be waiting anxiously to hear of a  victory. 


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