Cross Country competes in Pomona Invitational

On Sep. 2 cross country competed in an invitational at Pomona Fairplex. 

The team competed against several other schools in a three mile race for the duration of the day.  

Taylor Zamora (12) shares her original goal during the race, as well as improvements for the next one. 

“My goal for this race was to see where I’m at physically and mentally so I could pinpoint what issues to work on for future races. I would definitely work on my pace and where I stride. If I want to lower my time I need to increase my speed and learn how to hold it again,” she says.  

Zamora also commented on her personal development after the race. 

“I noticed I do not give myself enough credit. I knew the course but I was so afraid of wasting everything in my gas tank that I did not stride in places that would have helped me out during the race. A race should never feel too easy, but to me it felt unfulfilling. I could have done better, which is why I will during the next race,” she promises. 

In addition, Yuu Duffy (12) shares his expectations for this race in particular, as well as something that stood out to him during the race. 

“Expectations towards this event were to just get a feel for the new season and team and see how well our dynamic would play out within the causable future,” he says. 

“The team’s performance stood out to me as we have just been doing basic training and still managed to only get beat by one division four team,” he adds. 

Lastly, Abigail Tsang (11) recalls several moments during the race where she overcame minor personal challenges. 

“In terms of the race, I felt I did not do my very best since I was dealing with cramps, but I tried my best to deal with it and to keep going,” she explains.

Tsang also set new expectations for herself for their next invitational, aiming to beat her previous time in the next race. 

“I got 27 minutes and 12 seconds in this race, and I hope to get at least under 25 minutes in the next one and to work on my breathing and fulfill my goals,” she concludes.  

Cross country’s next race will be at the Woodbridge invitational on Friday,  Sep. 15. 


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