COVID-19? More like Cancel-19


  Brian Schaefer once said, “Disease is only a healthy response to an unhealthy environment.”

  Beginning in late 2019, the coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, has finally arrived in Southern California. Currently, the disease has claimed over 7,000 lives and infected about 198,000 people. Since its outbreak, President of the United States Donald Trump has declared a national state of emergency, alongside various other world leaders who are scrambling to find a solution. 

   The coronavirus first originated from Wuhan China, before spreading around the world. From this, a multitude of extremes such as the suspension of many schools, the cancellation of sports seasons and not to mention the quarantines of many working businesses have plagued the United States. 

   Not only has coronavirus caused the shut down of entire school districts across the nation, but it has also caused the abandonment of the dreams and aspirations of the many students at the school, especially for the graduating class of 2020.

  Many who prayed for a wonderful school year and looked forward to accomplishing their academic and athletic goals were all hindered due to one fatal disease. Considering the dangers posed by the coronavirus, people are either unavailable or too afraid to fulfill their own goals for this year. For students of Wilson, it all began on that fateful afternoon of Friday the 13th. On this day, the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District declared that all classes would be tentatively suspended until April 13th, with the addition of spring break.

  That day, Friday the 13th, the day that is synonymous with horrid and abominable things. Is it some sort of foretold destiny or is it only but a mere coincidence for the school to be canceled on that day?  

  Yet, it is not just the students who are suffering. Many protesters and influencers are fighting to spread the word of coronavirus but fail due to government suppression. Despite the backlash that has resulted from the cancelation of school, it is what it is. As unfair and unjust as it might seem, at the end of the day, it is all to protect students and families from this new harsh reality.

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