Counselors Give Presentations to Seniors


 Wilson counselors held in-class presentations regarding college readiness for seniors on Aug. 31.

During the presentations, counselors gave information ranging from graduation requirements to general college details for seniors.

 According to counselor Megan Jara, the presentations give seniors an understanding of their tasks at hand.

 “It is important to show seniors where they stand in terms of credits and graduation [status],” Jara said. “They must [recognize] what they need to complete, depending on what their plans are for after high school.”     

 Furthermore, English teacher Mary-Louise Piner believes that many students depend on these presentations to get a better grasp of their requirements.

 “Some students really have their act together, but a lot of students do not,”  Piner said. “So, in a way, they rely on the counselors to give them information.”

 Similarly, senior Anabelle Solorzano believes that seniors benefit from these presentations.

  “[The presentations] are really important, because a lot of seniors do not have time or just do not want to go out and learn [about] applying to college,” Solorzano said.

 Counselors will meet individually with seniors later this month to explain further details.


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