Connect club seeks to connect students across all grades

Glen A. Wilson’s Connect Club held a meeting to vote for its cabinet members on Oct. 26. Created with the intention of boosting connectivity between upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) and lowerclassmen (freshmen and sophomores), Connect aims to bring students from all grades closer together.

The cabinet members elected for the new club are president Katrina Liang (12), vice president Ellie Hung (12), secretary Caroline Gin (12), treasurer Gianna Barro (12) and historian Mikaela Alegre (12). 

They have much to say about Connect’s goals for this school year! 

Katrina Liang (12), the president of Connect, detailed the club’s mission and how she founded the concept for it.

“Connect’s purpose is to be able to create a greater bond between upper and underclassmen,” said Liang. “I had originally been involved in a mentorship program during quarantine, and I instantly loved the idea. As a result, I wanted to provide the same experience and idea on campus.”  

As president, Liang is in charge of facilitating all club activities including but not limited to planning events, holding general and cabinet meetings, ensuring all operations go as planned and ultimately, creating an enjoyable club atmosphere for members. 

In addition, secretary Caroline Gin (12) shared what she is most excited about in regard to the mentor-mentee partnership. 

“I am most looking forward to talking to my mentee and giving them advice that I wish I would have known as an underclassman,” said Gin. “I also would love [to establish a friendship with a student] in a grade other than mine.” 

Gin is also greatly supportive of the club’s cause. 

“I wanted to join because I am friends with the creators of Connect Club,” Gin explained. “I also love connecting with the student body and learning more about other students.” 

As the secretary of Connect, Gin is tasked with taking meeting notes, recording club attendance and assisting the president and vice president.

Gianna Barro (12), Connect’s treasurer,  provided some input as to how she strives to assist club members.

“As a mentor and as the treasurer of Connect I have the opportunity to help guide underclassmen, allowing them to find new opportunities in regards to school and extracurriculars,” said Barro. 

As for fundraisers, Connect is planning one with Ding Tea that will occur in the next couple of weeks. 

Barro also mentioned where club members can stay updated for future events to come! 

“Members can get club updates by looking at the ‘gawhsconnect’ Instagram or going to our general meetings in room B-9,” Barro informed. “Club members can look forward to fun mentor and mentee bonding events inside and outside of school.”

On the subject of Connect’s legacy, president Katrina Liang has high expectations for what the club is capable of achieving.     

“I really [want Connect] to become a well-known club on campus and make its mark,” exclaimed Liang. I hope those who come after me are able to grow the club in new directions and help it thrive as well.” 

As yet another awesome new club started on the Wilson campus, Connect cabinet members are eager to interact with underclassmen and strengthen inter-grade networking! 


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