Come on an adventure with Hilda


 Hilda is much more than a cartoon; it is an adventure.

 On Sept. 21, Hilda, a British-Canadian fantasy cartoon, premiered on Netflix. The series showcases the daily life of a child adventurer, Hilda, along with her pet deer fox, Twig. The duo embarks on adventures together near their home in the valley, coming across various monsters and other creatures along the way.

 Although it may seem like your ordinary adventure cartoon, Hilda bases its morals on the many experiences that the current youth are facing and delivers an important message about the struggles of being a kid and facing them head on.

 Throughout the first season, many meaningful morals are portrayed. For example, in the first two episodes, Hilda leaves the comfort of her home to discover something new outside the valley. The theme of discovering new places and embracing new ideas impact the youth in a good way. Hilda’s adventures send the message to children that there are many things to be discovered in life .

Moreover, most cartoon storytellers usually carry the same ideas and retell stories after they end, which is not a good way to finish a story. Other cartoons usually seem repetitive, even when a different plotline is introduced. This is not the case for Hilda. The plot is carefully developed, as well as having a precise storyline that easily flows. For example, Hilda’s personality and character develop throughout the season after discovering new areas and creatures in her world.

 Most importantly, even though the show is easy to understand and is seemingly childish, there is a deeper underlying meaning. For instance, Hilda has to adapt to a new place in which she is not yet accustomed to: the city. This scenario might be similar to children who faced the same problem at one point. This meaning has a greater impact on younger viewers. To clarify, Hilda is a representation of what children nowadays face when moving from familiar settings. For instance, a child has to learn to step outside the comfort of their home to discover something new outside.

 Additionally, the graphics of the show are simplistic, yet incredibly beautiful. The animations are smooth and bring the show out to its full potential, though the art is a small piece of the whole story. Overall, the animations and graphics combined make the show full of life and creativity.

However, all cartoons face criticism and Hilda is no exception. Some critics of the show have said that the storyline is a little exaggerated, but that is what makes the show different from other cartoons. The slight exaggeration illustrates the bizarre quality of life, which is not represented enough in this modern age of cartoons. Furthermore, the exaggeration is subtle, and it influences how the story is presented to the audience.       

 Ultimately, Hilda’s deeper messages, vivid animations and its uniqueness among other modern cartoons make it an excellent cartoon for people of all ages to watch, and as Hilda would say, “Such is the life and an adventurer!”

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