Color Guard Takes First Place


 Color Guard competed at the 2019 Winter Guard Association of Southern California Signature Show North at Monrovia High School on March 2.

 The team competed against nine schools in its round, winning first place with a score of 69.42 in its division.

  According to captain senior Isabella Cao, the months leading up to the competition involved much hard work.

 “We have constantly been preparing since January, practicing four hours [twice a week] and going over what we think needs cleaning,” Cao said. “For the past few weeks, we wanted to practice as if we were actually at the competition with full costumes, which was very enjoyable to do. Costuming is a very significant part of run-throughs, because it determines how [outfits] flow during the actual performance.”

 Additionally, member senior Alina Der Bedrossian believes the team possessed various strengths and weaknesses.

 “We have been working really hard this season, and it showed when we were performing out on the floor this past weekend. Although there are certain aspects of the show that we can definitely improve on like the dance portion and cleanliness, we made sure that our equipment skills and choreography shined to impress the judges,” Der Bedrossian said. “We have really struggled a lot this year, but nonetheless, we have endured long practices and are now thriving.”

 Furthermore, member sophomore Sydney Pablo explains her favorite part of the competition and gives advice on how to improve.

 “My favorite part of the competition was the awards ceremony. Every time they announced the placements and it was not us, we would scream because we were excited that we had the chance of placing higher. When we won second place, we were all so ecstatic, because it was our first competition,” Pablo said. “My advice for future competitions is to smile and put in all of our energy, because all that matters is trying our best and, most importantly, having fun.”

 The next Color Guard competition will be held in Valencia High School on March 9.

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