Color guard earns podium placing

On Apr. 2, Glen A. Wilson color guard took second place in their latest competition at Los Osos HS.

According to Celine Zaarour (10), the team had plenty of highs and lows throughout the competition. 

“Our strengths were definitely our tosses and energy,” Zaarour said.  “How close we are as teammates and friends outside of practices really help with how we perform as well. Still,  keeping our chins up and smiling all the way through our performance to keep the judges interested and impressed with our skill is something that could use some work.”

Zaarour also explains how the team’s preparation led to such good results in the competition.

“We have a morning rehearsal the day of the competition, and we all get ready together just to hype everyone up,” Zaarour said. “I felt like the team did very well overall. We continue to work hard and put tons of practice into doing our best outside and inside of rehearsals. Hopefully, we can improve on catching all of our tosses and staying together with our expressions too. ”

Additionally, Stephanie Goint (11) expresses how color guard has helped her be more open.

“Being on the color guard team has really made me connect a lot more with people, and it helped me come out of my shell a little when it comes to performing in front of a big crowd,” Goint said. “The team itself is like one big family no matter what, and we are always there for one another.”

Finally, Goint recalls her favorite memory from the competition.

“Performing with my team and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces when we see our score is special,” Goint said. “Knowing we placed well because of all the dedication and hard work we have been doing to get to this place means so much to us.”

Wildcats can expect more from color guard in their upcoming competitions, soon to be determined. 


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