CODE Team holds tryouts to welcome new members

CODE began hosting team tryouts on Aug. 25.

The online tryouts serve to introduce potential members of CODE to programming in JavaScript, a computer programming language. Through these tryouts, members learn crucial coding skills such as animation and variables.

According to captain junior Thomas Li, the ideal applicant for CODE has both a positive attitude towards learning and collaboration and a growth mindset.

“I am most looking for a [congenial] attitude towards learning. Admitting people who do not mix well with the current members can cause friction and internal conflict. [In addition], a growth mindset is also important because the point of the team is to learn and use programming to create things,” Li said.

Additionally, current CODE media captain junior Simone Yu advised applicants to actively participate in tryouts and relax to enjoy their experience.

“Showing active participation during lessons [are important because it] demonstrates that you care about joining our team. That way, [students] can improve each day, no matter where [they started],” Yu said. “Other than that, relax! [The CODE team] loves to joke around and have fun when we aren’t teaching or coding, so I would encourage students to not be too stressed.”

Finally, freshman Baihe Jin looked forward to working on coding projects with the rest of the team and learning about website development.

“I want to learn how to create a website from scratch; I have tried several apps that allow you to create a website without coding, but I did not like how they looked. [If I am chosen for CODE], I [am enthusiastic about] working on projects with everyone, and doing other fun things together,” Jin said.

Tryouts conclude on Sept. 17, and CODE will announce the final team roster on Sept. 19.


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