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Clubs display spirit at county fair


  Key Club and KIWIN’S volunteered at the annual Los Angeles (LA) County Fair and displayed their spirit during a parade last Friday, Sept. 8.

  Students participated in the parade while shouting chants, such as the “How Do You Feel” cheer, to incorporate spirit into the fair. The event gave members an opportunity to interact with each other and become more comfortable with new members.

  According to Key Club Vice President senior Brandon Yi, the parade informed county residents about amazing opportunities that high school clubs can offer. Additionally, this event demonstrated both clubs’ goal: incorporating spirit into service.

  “This event was important because it let younger children in the community know that there are great spirited volunteering clubs like Key Club that also allow students to get out of their comfort zones and become more [outgoing],” Yi said.

  KIWIN’S Lieutenant Governor senior Zachary Chen says that the event allowed members to take a break from the stress of school during and after the event.

  “[Students] gained insight on what to look forward to for the rest of the term. My favorite part of the event was when we hung out with each other. School has been really busy, so getting time to relax was really special,” Chen said.

  Although the parade kept the students busy, many found time afterwards to enjoy the fair itself. KIWIN’S Vice President junior Calvin Chen says that he had a good experience because of the new food that he tried after the march.

  “My favorite thing about the event was that I got to try fried oreos, bacon-wrapped turkey legs and donut burgers. The only downside was that the food was quite expensive,” Chen said.

  KIWIN’S and Key Club will attend the Industry Hills Pro-Rodeo next weekend, Sept. 23-24.

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