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Club Rush encourages student involvement

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 The Associated Student Body (ASB) welcomed new Wildcats and exhibited the diversity of clubs on campus at its annual Club Rush during lunch on Sept. 6-7.

 ASB established the first day of club rush for freshmen and new students and the second day for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Club members presented trifold boards, flyers and giveaways to feature their accomplishments and attract new members.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Habash, Club Rush provides students with an opportunity to cultivate their interests.   

 “I think clubs [showcase]  passions students find through their high school years and their leadership roles. Club Rush [encourages] students to be involved in something where they can make [lasting] high school memories,” said Habash.

 In preparation, ASB held an Inter-Clubs Council  (ICC) meeting last week to discuss each club’s responsibilities and designate each club to a booth in the gym.

 ASB president senior Karla Sandoval says that each club’s dedication to its cause contributed to this year’s success.  

 “A lot of freshmen came out [to club rush] because presidents put [an enormous] amount of effort into their own clubs,” said Sandoval. [Because] they are proud of their clubs, they are [more motivated to] be successful.”

 Regardless of the large crowd, freshman Sirjen Kaur enjoyed the energy and spirit at the event.    

 “In middle school, no one really  [joins] extracurricular activities,” said Kaur. “but in high school, everyone is [involved]. It makes me feel more welcomed at Wilson.”

 The next ASB event is Homecoming on Oct. 7 at 7 pm.

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