Club Rush Brings All Kinds of School-wide Involvement to Wilson

  Club Rush was held Sep. 27-28 in the gym during lunch.  New clubs and returning clubs advertise their clubs with spirit, candy, and lots of energy to attract as many new members as possible; the freshman class on Sep. 27 and the rest of the classes on the 28th. 

  New and returning clubs set up their tri-folds, flyers and candy on tables lining the perimeter of the gym to attract new members to join their club. 

 Associated Student Body (ASB) Coordinator, Patricia Branconier-Habash, shares how ASB planned for Club Rush and what it means for the start of on-campus involvement open for all students. 

“This year, ASB provided tables for each club, but everything else was for the clubs to organize themselves,” said Branconier. “We did let them know, however, that we were more than willing to show our support by reposting their flyers on Instagram. Club Rush is all about getting as many students to sign up for a club that is aligned to their interests and makes them excited to be at school. This year, we have over 50 clubs, so there really is something for everyone.”

 Samantha Din (12), co-president of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), shares how Club Rush kickstarts another year of FBLA. 

  “We were shown great interest at Club Rush and had many new students and previous members wanting to join the FBLA and we cannot wait to show our members what we have planned for this new school year,” said Din.  

  Other students like Joanna Narciso (11), one of the founders of Speech and Debate, are starting up new clubs on Wilson’s campus and look forward to what their first year as a club has in store for them. 

  “Speech and Debate here at Wilson is supported by the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA),” said Narciso. “This year, we plan to attend nearby debate tournaments with NSDA, host events with guest speakers especially since a lot of the people joining have no prior experience and have fundraisers to support our club.” 

  Kirby Pili, another co-founder of Speech and Debate adds:

  “New members can develop more solid ways of creating arguments, meet new people and be going to other schools to expand the pool of people we know,” said Pili. “We can network and just have fun throughout our first year as a club here at Wilson. Joining would look really good on college applications, especially if we become nationally ranked through our tournaments. A lot of freshmen are interested and we have a lot of sign-ups so far.”

  Each club at Club Rush this year turned to megaphones, signs and candy to attract as many students as possible, but ultimately, the spirit each club displayed for their purpose is what set them apart. Moving forward, clubs will have their first general meetings and begin school-wide involvement on campus!

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