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Clubs profit from lunchtime food sales

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 Associated Student Body (ASB) coordinated the first Club Food Day of the school year during lunch on Thursday, Nov. 9.

 Clubs fundraised by selling a variety of food, such as spam musubi, Dippin’ Dots and Costco’s chicken bake. As lunch neared, club cabinet members prepared their tables, cash boxes and food at their designated booths near the senior quads.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Habash, Club Food Day reinvigorates school spirit by encouraging students to assist clubs.

 “[Club Food Day] changes up what we offer [during lunch] and [motivates] kids to come out and support each other. This promotes a [close-knitted] community [within] the student body,” Habash said.

 Before the event, ASB created a sign-up sheet for clubs to catalogue the food items and price per item. In order to boost club participation, ASB allowed two clubs to sell the same food. Following this Club Food Day, ASB will arrange three more in the school year.

 Since other clubs often sell food after school, Pencils of Promise president senior Queenie Han appreciates the opportunity to fundraise for her club.

 “[Club Food Day is] one of our biggest [sources of] revenue, which will go towards the Pencils of Promise Foundation.” Han said. “[In addition], we really came together as a team to see how much progress we have made, and [how] we can [improve].”

 Sophomore Brittney Myint values the new tastes at lunch and the time to unwind from schoolwork.

 “[Club Food Day] was better this year, because it has more variety of food and the prices [were cheaper],” Myint said. “[When] we have food that we actually like, we [look forward to going to school].”

 ASB’s next event is a dodgeball tournament in the gym at the end of November.

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