Class of 2025 Wins 2023-2024 Battle of Classes

On. Apr. 26, Wilson’s beloved annual tradition — Battle of Classes (BOTC) — concludes the 2023-2024 school year in high spirits with an unexpected win by the junior class of 2025.

A rally of games, laughs, and awards anticipated throughout the year-long spirit point competition between the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes, BOTC sums up the year by bringing all classes of Wilson together in the gym in the year’s final competition for the highest class spirit points and the best class dance. 

While seniors swept the top prizes in both BOTC competitions in the past years, this year the junior class of 2025 turned the tide of BOTC history by winning the class spirit point competition. Nevertheless, the seniors prevailed in the class dance competition.

Reflecting on the seniors’ winning dance at BOTC, senior class dancer Emily Axelrod (12) walked us through the preparation efforts behind their successful performance.

“First, our choreography was centered on the theme of heroes, we wanted to convey the theme of heroism in our dance to make an impact on the judges,” Axelrod said. “We met for practices at the community center and with practice, the final performance was so much better than I expected. Not going to lie it all came together overnight. But we did amazing and I am so proud of us all.”

Junior class dancer Kimberly Duong also shares her thoughts on the junior class’s dance performance and first-place win in the spirit point competition.

“The most difficult part of preparing for the dance was to get everyone together for rehearsal since everyone had different schedules,” Duong explained. “And I did not expect our class to win in spirit points — I am proud and I am happy that I participated in BOTC for the first time as a dancer this year.”

Coming in second place in the dance competition, sophomore class dancer Neal Shen (10) details the progression of sophomores’ choreographic work behind the scenes.

“The inspiration for the choreography of the sophomore BOTC dance was the theme of the Joker and Harley Quinn,” Shen described. “So the boy’s section of the dance had a jazzy theme to present the Joker.”

Shen elaborates on his thoughts on the sophomore class’s final dance performance and his overall experience at BOTC.

“I think that the final performance of the dance was extremely memorable, as it would be the last time any of the dancers would ever perform it again,” Shen commented. “And my favorite part of BOTC was all the fun memories we made as a team, including our dance practices and at the rally.”

As the BOTC comes to an end along with the 2023-2024 school year, good luck to our wildcats in the home stretch and let’s finish the year strong!


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