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Class of 2022 kicks off the year with annual senior sunrise

Seniors gathered on the football field on the morning of Sep. 24 as part of the annual tradition: Senior Sunrise.

Beginning at 6:15 AM, seniors were able to purchase a food voucher that allowed them to eat pancakes, sausages, cereal bars, milk, pop tarts, fruit, cereal, and juice while enjoying the sunrise.

ASB’s Senior Class President Cole Serrano shared what it was like planning the event and what happened at the event.

“The planning process was hectic concerning senior sunrise, but it was fun to see it unfold. Kiwanis made pancakes and sausages for everyone at Senior Sunrise, and a backdrop painted by ASB’s publicity department was there,” said Serrano.

Senior Jeremiah Esguerra explained what the event meant to him and how much he enjoyed it from an outsider’s view. 

“I wanted to attend Senior Sunrise because it was a senior event, and I want to go to as many as possible since it is my last year here at Wilson,” said Esguerra. “It was fun and calming watching the sunrise above the trees. My favorite part about senior sunrise was getting breakfast at Chick-fil-a with my friends before school started. It was a great way to start my day.”

Senior Kyle Ngo enjoyed the event because it meant spending more time with his friends and is looking forward to future events.

“A lot of my friends were going to the event, and it was a senior event that seemed pretty fun, so that was what intrigued me to go. My favorite moments were just overall having fun with my friends and taking some very nice pictures with them. I am looking forward to other senior events because they allow me to have a good time with my friends,” explained Ngo.

Seniors can anticipate more senior events this year as ASB has more senior events in plan. The next senior event will be the senior volleyball game that will occur sometime after October.

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