Class Dance Kicks Off With Leader Meeting


 Associated Student Body (ASB) held a Class Dance Leader Information Meeting in G-5 on Apr. 10.

 At the meeting, ASB announced the responsibilities of class dance leaders in preparing for Battle of the Classes (BOTC). Attendees from each class selected four students to become leaders.

 According to ASB advisor Patricia Branconier-Habash, the meeting allowed students to display their dance abilities and leadership skills.

 “The goal of the meeting was to allow individuals who were interested in representing their class [to step up to a leadership position],” Branconier-Habash said. “A [good class dance leader should be] an individual who can not only represent their class but [also possesses] dance knowledge, skill and material to be able to step forward as a leader.”

 In addition, class dance leader junior Isabel Carmona believes she can contribute to her class by utilizing her dance experience.

 “I wanted to participate in class dance because it is a good opportunity to show our school spirit and, as a member of the Dance [Company], I have an ability to contribute to our class points,” Carmona said. “We plan to add more advanced tricks, formations and visuals to [differentiate ourselves].”

 Furthermore, class dance leader freshman Kiani Jimenez hopes this experience can prepare her for future dance events.

 “My goal for this dance is not to win, [because] that should be something special for the upperclassmen,” Jimenez said. “I [just] want to start off [high school] knowing [what awaits me] in the coming years.”

 The BOTC rally will be held on May 3.

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