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Chris Brown Releases “Tempo” Music Video

Chris Brown Tempo

 Chris Brown “switched up the tempo” in the hearts of many with the varying rhythmic nuances in the latest music video of his song, “Tempo”.

 Released on Mar. 2, 2018, the video has received over six-million views on Youtube and has become the second song on his album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” to have a music video.

 The video portrays Brown and his group’s antics as they vandalize a suburban neighborhood, ranging from chasing a paperboy, harassing an old couple and escaping from security lasers.

 Despite the  inappropriate lyrics, the music video delivers an entertaining portrayal of “Tempo” with its amazing choreography,  different visual themes and reflection of the emotional lyrics.

 First off, Brown is known         for being an amazing dancer and singer. This video is no exception as the audience sees Brown’s stylish and funky choreography paired with his 2000s-esque voice.  

 In the clip, there are numerous dance sections and styles. The choreography itself has the flow of  a freestyle dance, yet offers the unison and cleanliness of a well organized dance. This is further illustrated in the video when Brown is able to walk into a room and perform the choreography easily. In addition, the performance aspect of the production is taken to a new level with facial expressions and textures of the dancers showing unmatched musicality.

 Furthermore, Brown’s singing ability is highlighted throughout the video, because while the audience watches the lively dances, they can also enjoy his voice. Whilst the vocals are partially auto-tuned, it is not overbearing and one could actually hear Brown’s real voice.

 In addition, not only are the visuals and audio of the video unmatched, the choreography plays on the song’s name, “Tempo.” This is seen when multiple dance styles are incorporated throughout the clip with their own unique flare and… tempo. For example, in one scene, Brown and two others dancers are in a room. However, one is bone breaking and making fluid movements, while the other is doing the robot. In this scene, each are different styles with their own rhythm.

 While the video delivered in the performance department, it proves its visual prowess as well. Throughout the music video, the audience is shown different visual aides and references such as: DC’s Justice League, Mad Max: Fury Road, Back to the Future and today’s and 1950’s culture.

 To illustrate, in the beginning of the video the camera focuses on a hoverboard, then eventually pans out to a Brown’s Mad Max and Back to the Future styled vehicle. Additionally, the video takes place in a modern suburb, however, the occupants of the neighborhood are dressed in 1920s attire. The blend with the old, the new, the modern and the twisted make for a visually appealing and eye popping scene throughout the video.

 To sum it up, the music video of “Tempo” is equally —  if not more — exciting as the song. The eccentricity, light heartedness and visuals amalgamates into a music video that is quite frankly, perfect. All in all, the video is a testament of Brown’s talent as musician and a performer.

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