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Choosing to accept certain truths becomes the base for lying

(Perspectives) Estelle Zhou

  “The electric car is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient!” says the colorful ad on the billboard.

  In a world of fast-paced and extensive resources, new information is constantly being publicized. Whether or not to accept that information, however, is a decision everyone has to make. Due to the amount of news, people are now becoming pickier in their selections.

  Nowadays, people will choose to believe only the information that “sounds good.” Too often, people are only willing to accept the truth if it is beneficial to them and will deny the truth otherwise.

  This unfortunate reality comes with adverse consequences that include the most fundamental moral of society: honesty. Accepting a truth only for its advantages translates to deception. Not only are people lying to society, they are also lying to themselves.

  For example, many car manufacturers put consumers under the impression that electric cars are environmentally friendly. These car manufacturers advertise that these cars help the environment by reducing pollution. Yet many articles have been released discussing the fact that electric cars produce the same particulate matter as regular cars. Nevertheless, car manufacturers still do not want to deviate from the accepted “fact” that electric cars are green. They want consumers to think that they are reducing pollution while saving gas. Thus, by denying the fact, they are lying.

  Subsequently, being careless about facts will lead to even greater consequences— such as major political divisions and partisanships. The white-supremacists of Charlottesville protested strongly for what they believed in while ignoring all other parties and morals that they coexist with  in this country. Generating intense hatred for anyone not for their cause or beneficial from them, these extremists resorted to violence, even driving a car into the crowd, to make their beliefs known. They virtually dismissed the basis of what America was established for: liberty and equality. Therefore, these extremists epitomize the type of people who favor truths only to their benefit.

  Nonetheless, the worst result of denying the truth  is the impact it has on the younger generations. Children will be influenced  by  this selectiveness. They will learn to lie to get what they want, in turn impacting society and its morals.

  Ultimately, accepting a truth based on our own desires will cause a fatal blow to morals of society, moving towards a chaotic future in the long run.  Instead of  denying the truth, we should learn to accept true information for what it is.

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