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Choir showcases “A New Dawn”


  Voices of Wilson performed at its annual fall concert in the gym on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

 During A New Dawn, Choir director DeJohn Brown and assistant conductor senior Cameron Joh directed pieces such as “Over the Rainbow” and “Lux Aurumque.” All choir levels performed, including Rhythm, Harmony, Sorelle and Aria.

 Aside from group productions, senior Jocelyn Becerra gave tribute to “Girl on Fire,” seniors Jean Hu and Amie Cook showcased their duet and the Voices of Wilson cabinet presented an acapella performance.

  According to Brown, the concert served as a way to demonstrate the growth of each individual.

  “The [event] is a display on how the students have developed as musicians, [becoming] more dedicated and courageous. It is [also] great that students are able to unlock their potential overtime and [showcase it during the concert],” Brown said.

  According to Aria member junior Austin Leung, the concert proved to be successful.

  “I believe the audience [enjoyed] our performance, because we put in our full effort and energy. I [know] that our show will encourage others to join choir,” Leung said.

  Aria member sophomore Gabe Mision overcame his difficulties preparing for the concert by drilling vocal exercises, taking notes in class and working on his dynamics.

  “As a baritone, my range is very limited, so I struggled with hitting the high notes consistently,” Mision said. “[However], I pushed myself [before] the concert, because the expectation for Aria is always high.

  Sophomore Danny Nguyen says that the performance astonished him.

  “[This year’s concert] went beyond my expectations because of how strongly they performed. I was proud [of] how well my friends sang my favorite songs,” Nguyen said.

  The next choir concert will be the Winter Concert in the gym on Thursday, Dec. 14.

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