Cheer Takes Home a Win


 The cheer team placed first at the Sharp International Cheerleading Competition on Saturday, March 2.

 At competitions, the scores are averaged between six judges who judge the event on criteria such as creativity, difficulty and crowd appeal. The team took home first place with an average of 88.1 points out of 100.

 According to Coach Denee, a positive outlook has a noticeable effect on competitors.

 “This confidence leads to a great performance,” Denee said. “They were able to take first place because they believed in themselves and in each other. Once they started believing in themselves, they were able to overcome all of their obstacles.”

 In addition, junior Melanie Cruz believes the bond of the team improves the experience.

   “[The team] enjoyed being there and watching each other perform.  We also have a lot of fun spending time with each other outside of cheer,” Cruz said “It is a team-based sport, so the connections we make are important. The bonding allows us to trust and connect with each other.”

 Moreover, freshman Jasmine Puente thinks that exceptional teamwork allowed the team to thrive.

 “Everyone contributed to the win by giving it [their] all during practice, and it showed in the results we got. The [team] knew that once we entered the cheer room, we had to put aside our personal problems and keep pushing,” Puente said. “The individual contributions of every member helped push the team toward our united goal.”

 Cheer’s next performance will be at the End of the Year Showcase on May 10.


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