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Music Lab

Esteban Diaz (12)

Why did you decide to start this club this year

“I decided to create this club to create an environment where people of similar interest to compose music can get together and collaborate. Especially with music composition, the most beautiful pieces of art are the result of peer feedback.”

How/will covid affect your club in any ways? Learning material or activities?

“I don’t believe Covid will have much of an effect on our club at all. Club time will mostly be spent on online software composing music. Though there may be difficulty later down the line when we start preparing to perform the pieces we’ve written.”

How many people do you think will join the club with the vast amount of clubs that Wilson has? In what ways are you trying/ reaching intended members or new audiences?

“I honestly can’t say. I’m not sure how many people genuinely have a passion or interest in writing music around our school. Though that is also the purpose of this club, to bring these people together to write wonderful music by means of just getting the word out.”

Can you explain to our readers what chamber ensembles are?

“A chamber ensemble is a small group of musicians that each add their own unique sound to the piece. The structure of this type of ensemble is meant to make their performances more intimate and comfortable among their audiences.”

How much does technology truly help the music industry?

“Technology helps make music more accessible. Whether you want to compose music or just listen to it, technology has made it so much easier to access music through things such as online music composition softwares and streaming services.”

Asian American Pacific Islander Community (AAPIU)

Mikaela Alegre (11)

Why did you decide to start AAPIU?

“Although we have some other culture clubs here at Wilson, I feel like they’re not inclusive enough to many minority groups. With AAPIU, I want to include some groups that might not be spotlighted all the time, such as Asian Americans or Pacific Islanders.”

How are you guys reaching out to your intended audience here at Wilson?

“As Club Rush is approaching, we are preparing to be very active on our social media outlets, especially Instagram. Also, we will be hosting our first informational meeting on October 4 in room B-20. Small things such as flyers or posters are also tools we are utilizing.”

Will the ongoing pandemic affect any of your planned activities or curriculum?

“We are trying to bring a food aspect into some of our activities, but we are still figuring out if we can do that. Since the pandemic affected many Asian small businesses,  we will be supporting small businesses in any way we can.”

What are some of your favorite aspects of your culture?

“Me being Filipino, I love our inclusivity and welcomeness to other cultures or just anything in general. I want to find and include other cultures similar to mine.” 

In what unique ways will you bring awareness to your cultures?

“We want to bring light to all of the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. Identifying small states, cultures, languages, flags, cool things like that. We want to be a unique big family of cultures!”

Guitar Club

Charlie Snyder (11)

What led you to start the Guitar Club this year?

“I actually decided that I wanted to start a guitar club all the way back during my freshman year. Now that we’re back in person, the opportunity has presented itself and it seems like the perfect time.”

With the ongoing pandemic going on, will this affect any planned activities or learning material in your club?

“As long as school remains in person, I really don’t anticipate any sorts of COVID guidelines or procedures affecting club activities.”

How will you get your club out to the Wilson population? Any advertising methods for club rush?

“I really think that this club advertises for itself. The fact that there isn’t another club on campus quite like it, it will surely make it stand out. I’m not too worried about struggling to find an audience.”

What got you into music, or playing the guitar?

“I would always listen to bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd growing up around my dad. This is definitely where I think my interest in guitar originally spawned.”

Can you play any Nirvana songs on your guitar?

“Yes I can, funny that you ask. Off the top of my head, I can play In Bloom, Serve the Servants, Heart Shaped Box, Oh Me, Lake of Fire, Lithium, Marigold and Come as You Are.”

The Adventure Club

Chris Huang (11)

What led you to start the Adventure Club?

“I have a deep passion for the outdoors, so I wanted to help others maintain a healthy balance between mental and physical wellness.”

Will the pandemic affect any of your planned curriculum or activities for the club?

“Sadly, it will. To ensure the safety of our members, we will not be able to visit places that are heavily populated, such as beaches. We will have to work around this issue.”

How do you intend to advertise your club to Wilson High School?

“We are trying to have a big presence during Club Rush, but we’re mostly advertising ourselves with my friends. Spreading the word is the best advertisement.”

How will the club be giving back to the community? 

“One recurring idea is visiting parks and helping plant trees, as a form of community service. All of our activities will make sure to benefit the community and our members.”

What is your favorite adventure spot?

“I don’t really have a specific spot in particular, any park will do just the trick. I enjoy the freedom and nature that parks can hold, it makes me feel at peace.”

Paper and Tea 

Allie Ma (11)

Why did you decide to start Paper and Tea this year?

“I wanted to open opportunities for others interested in the STEM or science fields. I also wanted to start a community for people interested in these pathways by doing research and presenting the knowledge we learned in articles to help find what people are interested in.”

In what ways will you open opportunities to your members in Paper and Tea?

“If people find a topic interesting, they will be able to research and learn more about it in Paper and Tea. Additionally, they will share their findings with our community through their articles. Both will solidify and strengthen their prospective interests.”

How will you guys reach out to your intended audience or new members with the vast amount of clubs Wilson has to offer?

“We are planning on creating a website that is accessible for everyone to share their articles that they will write about their findings. Additionally, we will use a tri-fold showing sample essays to demonstrate our basic formats during Club Rush!”

What are some of the scientists that you draw inspiration from?

“I really admire Jennifer A. Doucha, a biochemist that made fundamental contributions to biochemistry and genetics. I also draw inspiration from Jessica Men, who is a medical writer at ETHOS Health Communications.”

Japanese Culture Club

Max Lee (11)

What made you decide to start a Japanese Culture Club this year?

“I wanted to introduce and explore Japanese culture with the population of Wilson High School.”

With the pandemic going on, will your club be experiencing any problems with planned activities or curriculum?

“If school does not shut down on us again, then the club will flow smoothly.”

How are you planning to represent your Japanese culture with your members of the club?

“During our meetings, we will be discussing the various aspects of Japanese culture, arts, and the popular media. I really want to introduce Japanese films, music, and especially anime!”

What are some of your favorite Japanese foods/meals?

“I have to go with Takoyaki and ramen. Takoyaki has this octopus in it with this sauce that is to die for! Ramen, well who does not love ramen?”

What is your favorite aspect of Japanese culture?

“I really love its food culture, Japanese food offers a wide variety of options. Also, I love Jigglypuff from Pokémon.”

Diversify Our Narrative (DON)

Haisyl Ng (11)

What came about you starting Diversify Our Narrative?

“I’ve had some previous experiences in classes where teachers were uneducated and disrespectful when discussing certain topics, specifically race. It made me and a number of other classmates uncomfortable and overall motivated me to make sure that it would never happen again.”

Will COVID guidelines affect any planned activities or curriculum in your club?

“Besides fundraisers, most of our events will be held at school so participants don’t have to go into public areas where they may feel overwhelmed.”

How will you advertise your club to the large Wilson population?

“We plan on hosting biweekly club meetings and eventually introducing our mission to the district board. Remaining active on social media is a given as we plan on posting all about our events, fundraisers, and future plans.”

How will your club try to influence the current Wilson curriculum or culture?

“As some of us may know, most of the texts here at Wilson were not written by minorities. DON’s mission is to increase the diversity in our curriculum. We want to introduce texts written by women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and others who may be overshadowed by our society.

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