Charming student who serves her school Tenfold

Chances are you have probably heard the name Trinity Tran around school and if there is one thing that people should know about her, it is that she is filled with love and passion for her community at Glen A. Wilson HS and eager to serve her school.

Being president of KIWINS, Vice President of Publicity of Voices of Wilson (VOW) and one of the Historians of Associated Student Body (ASB) are only some of the positions she holds at the school. While others may find this overwhelming, Tran embodies her roles and positions with passion.

Surprisingly, Tran’s passion for KIWINS originally started with her thinking that KIWINS was just another community service club that she was not interested in.

“I was not going to join KIWINS [originally]. I thought it was just another club that everyone wants to join,” Tran explains. “However, they had a really cool event where students would help clean up roads and I decided that I wanted to be a part of that group. So I decided to apply for Freshman Class Representative and that really started my journey.” 

At that time, Tran could not have predicted how much she would have committed to KIWINS and her community or how KIWINS would soon become a core part of her identity and who she was. 

However, being a junior and the president of such a well-known club at Wilson does not come without its set of challenges. Through these challenges, Tran has learned the importance of hard work as well as having supportive people and friends beside her. 

“There are always a lot of things upperclassmen do not tell you about being president, so there are always hardships in adapting to new situations,” Tran said. “However, I have an amazing cabinet by my side and I know that with them we can overcome any challenges.”

As an upperclassman, Tran certainly has stepped up her role and goes above and beyond in being a strong leader both for her cabinet as well as for newer members, creating a warm and friendly environment for students.

Tran’s love for KIWINS extends outside of school, serving on the Goldstone Divisional Leadership Team (DLT) in the Goldstone district. Serving as the Goldstone Executive Assistant, Tran aides the Lieutenant Governor in various tasks with no firm set of responsibilities, something she enjoys about the task. 

“I attribute a lot of my passion to the people I started the organization with, my upperclassman and they inspired me to do more,” Tran shares. “Seeing how much fun they had and how passionate they are, as well as how great they are with leaders pushed me to be more involved.” 

Aside from KIWINS, you can also find Tran passionately singing in VOW concerts as well as at competitions.

Tran’s love for singing stemmed from her childhood and her love for Selena Gomez. As a child, Tran and her family would always sing Selena Gomez’s songs. Throughout her middle school years, Tran joined her school choir and knew that it was something she wanted to continue in high school.

Her passion for singing certainly has gotten her far, as she is the current Vice President of Publicity, handling the choir’s social media as well as editing videos. Initially, the idea of running for such a huge and important role that she now has did not cross her mind. 

“Honestly, I ran for class representative so I never initially envisioned myself in that position,” Tran reflects. She attributes her motivation to her desire to be able to step up and create projects and media she never did before as well as promote the wonderful choir program as well as to inspire others to join. 

One of Tran’s favorite and most rewarding moments in choir comes from competing, especially Sorelle’s competition last year. The singer found that the competition has led to bonding between her and her group mates, and just showed how the group’s struggles and hard work paid off in the end. 

“It was such a bonding moment, and really allowed all our hard work to pay off. In the process, we went through many struggles and hardships but once we pushed past our limits, we knew we were going to do great things,” Tran proudly reflects. 

Speaking of pushing past limits, Tran joined ASB in her sophomore year. She finds the moments she spends with ASB extremely rewarding since she is able to be more involved with school as well as making the high school experience memorable for her fellow students. 

“Whenever anyone reflects back on their high school years, they always say get more involved and initially I was not going to apply because I was worried I would not make it,” Tran shares. “However, I decided to apply because my passion exceeds those limitations.” 

Despite Tran’s overwhelming love for her school and its community, Tran does find herself overwhelmed, especially as she was elected to be one of the co-Historians of ASB this year. However, Tran pushes through, reminding herself why she chose to join ASB and why she chose to run for Historian in order to keep herself motivated. 

Devoting herself to all these demanding extracurriculars at Wilson requires lots of energy, especially since most of them require her to be near and with lots of people. Yet through it all, Tran continues to maintain her happy-go-lucky and excited personality, sparking joy wherever she is.

“When I am alone, I like to keep to myself,” Tran confesses. “However, when I am around people, they give me lots of energy and it hypes me up. I hope to give them the same energy back in return.”  

So, of course, it is no surprise that Tran’s favorite activity in ASB is none other than the iconic Battle of the Classes (BOTC). 

“I always love events that you worked towards and built up to as a team. Hopefully, this year, juniors will pull through and take the W!” Tran excitedly states. 

On top of all these busy extracurricular activities, Tran is also a hardworking student, taking three Advanced Placement courses which include AP English Language, AP Calculus AB and AP Chemistry. She shares that she is able to maintain her stress by watching Korean dramas and crying. 

Between managing her clubs as well as school, Tran certainly has a lot on her plate. However, she is able to find a healthy balance between the two.

“I take it day by day, sometimes planning the future out. It is all about knowing yourself and not spreading yourself too thin. I have learned throughout my high school years what I can and cannot handle,” she explains.

Outside of school, Tran’s favorite pastime is painting and she shares how she is currently doing projects for herself, painting butterfly murals on her walls which fueled her love for the arts. 

In terms of inspiration, Tran names her sister as the person who inspired her throughout high school, stating how her sister helped shape her into the person she is today. 

“My sister inspires me every day because I have never seen someone so passionate and self-aware. She has definitely pushed me to understand where I am in my high school career as well as understand my strengths and do what I love.” 

As for her fellow underclassmen, Tran hopes that they will continue being themselves because their own passions will lead them to do great things. She advises underclassmen to stop focusing on doing all these things just for college and to understand that being happy is the most important. 

While Tran does not have a clear idea of what school she wants to attend in the future, Tran hopes to create and advocate change in the world, very fitting for her character. Tran hopes that people would remember the impact that she has and that her role in a specific position or club inspires others to reach for greater heights. 

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