Celebrating California at Sadie’s


 Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted its Sadie Hawkins Dance in the gymnasium on Feb. 2.

 Following this year’s theme, “A Taste of California,” ASB decorated the gymnasium to resemble iconic places in California, such as Anaheim, Hollywood, San Francisco and Santa Monica.

 Considering the cancellation of Sadie’s last year, ASB made sure to make this year’s dance affordable and accessible. Unlike two years ago, Sadie’s took place in the gymnasium instead of at a venue.

 When deciding an event’s theme, ASB lists out all possible options, thinking about potential spirit weeks, rally ideas and props for the actual event. Then, they limit their options by taking a vote, and the ideas with the most votes are discussed. Once everyone has selected a theme to their liking, a final vote is placed.

 According to Sadie’s committee member junior Jacqueline Chan, despite low attendance, ASB remained positive and persevered to host the best dance possible.

 “Even though we initially did not sell any tickets, we continued [because] we really wanted to promote more school spirit,” Chan said. “As the event came closer, we were very overjoyed to find out that a lot more people had bought tickets.”

 In addition, Sadie’s committee member junior Anna Camodeca explains how ASB dealt with the theme’s controversy.

 “We understood that some people would be confused since we live in California, but we really wanted to allow the students to appreciate the best parts of it,” Camodeca said. “I really enjoyed having games to represent different areas of California, making [Sadie’s] more enjoyable for the attendees.”

 Furthermore, freshman Ronald Lu explains some of his favorite moments of the evening.

 “During the dance, one of my favorite things was raving behind the mosh pit with my friends. In addition, I really loved the various games that were all around the gym, especially cup pong,” Lu said. “Not to mention, I greatly appreciated the different aesthetic [backgrounds] to take pictures at,  such as the ‘Taste of California’ poster.”

 ASB’s next event is the Valentine’s Day Rally on Feb. 14.


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