Catsyles Threatre and Voices of Wilson collaborate on Seussical, the Musical


  Catstyles Theatre and Voices of Wilson held castings for Seussical, the Musical for all inspiring actors on Monday, Sep. 23.

  Auditions took place in the Little Theatre, which lasted five minutes for each student. To prepare, individuals took mandatory dance classes with Mrs. Chang and optional vocal lessons with Mr. Brown.  The Arts department posted the cast list for these auditions on Friday, Sep. 27. 

  Overall, the event gives students the opportunity to tune in with their inner musical character and understand what being in a production is all about.

  According to drama teacher Kim Weaver, the students’ enthusiasm is a vital attribute of auditions.

  “What makes a student stand out is confidence. Especially in this showcase, being animated is important because this musical requires a lot of energy and we are looking for students who are able to perform in an [enthusiastic manner],” Weaver said.

  In addition, junior Ethan Brown, auditioning for the part of Jojo, described drama as a top priority.

“[Drama] is what I am most passionate about. Taking part in the musical is something I really wanted to do because it brings me happiness, which is why I decided to expand on my drama skills and audition [for Seussical]. I first realized I was interested in theatre when I was 11 and watched my older brother’s productions, which  inspired me to be part of them.”

  Furthermore, sophomore Andrea Robles believes her past experiences motivated her to audition for the play.

  “When I did [drama] my freshman year, the energy that people had on stage is something I did not experience from other arts, which is why I decided to participate in [Seussical, the Musical],” Robles said. “[It is important for everyone to do their part in the play] because every role counts. If one person does not give it their all, the energy and performance is lost.”

   The preview of the musical will take place on Wednesday, Apr.  15. Show dates will be on Thursday, Apr. 16 to Sunday, Apr. 19.

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