The Fight for Single Payer Healthcare During the Biden Administration

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Student Submission: Sidney Wong

   In my two years of high school, the most important lesson I have learned so far is to surround myself with good people.

Student Submission: A Better Person

Every day in our lives, we suffer from both happiness and sadness. Emotions tend to originate from our interactions with others.

Student Submission: The Decline of Human Connection

Seven billion people. Everyday seven billion people walk this world. In a world filled with so many people, we form close relationships with only a select few.

Student Submission: The Struggle of Social Media

The shift in human connections has become monumental in the past decade. With the integration of technology, cell phones, and social media in our everyday lives, we have completely changed the way we interact.

A Time For Love, by Bill Evans (Alone)

Obliviously, I walk into the band room, glance at the screen hanging above the board projecting our schedule for the day, and realize apathetically, it’s Thursday, “listening journal” day. Amongst the list of songs we were to play for the hour, was a set of blue lines, indicating a lecture before going through our routinely scale warm up and tuning.

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