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Why Can’t Everyone find their Foundation Shade

The beauty community has a variety of different types of people. It is full of those who love art and find who they are...



The hidden gem of friendships: Loyalty or Royalty?

Many believe that our true friends are the ones who show up in times of hardship.

The Gender Dilemma

There are many ways to express oneself, and gender identity is just one of the many methods of expression.  

Deception in the Social Market

In today’s society, anyone can be anything.

The Reality Behind “Tough Love”

As children, we have often heard, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you!” That is nonsense.

Socializing is Integral for Student Development

Socialization: a word that makes most high school students  duck and cover.

The Drastic School Policy Changes

Three  strikes and you’re out..

The Importance of College

 Many of you have probably heard the phrase: “It does not matter what college you go to.”

Ignoring the disabled community

In a society that praises equality, there are still those who are overlooked and neglected. But this issue is not about the racial or sexual minorities of America. This is about persons with disabilities.

The feminism bandwagon

I bet everyone has heard the remark, “You punch like a girl!”

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