February: Black History Month

February marks the start of Black History Month, a celebration of African American culture.  Since its inception in 1976,  presidents have chosen February as Black...



Weeks of distance learning eludes numerous shortcomings

Since the coronavirus outbreak, schools have shut down and had students quarantine at home. During this pandemic, students still had to continue their education no matter what. So the only way to proceed to learn was to switch to distance learning using apps including Zoom and Google Classroom.

Riot Games’ new release peaks at its arguable similarity

Could this shooter game finally be the new and improved Counterstrike?

COVID-19? More like Cancel-19

Brian Schaefer once said, “Disease is only a healthy response to an unhealthy environment.”

Changing times shape an evolving society

Popular culture in the 21st century is an insane roller coaster that none of our ancestors could predict.

It’s time for a reality check

Let’s be frank...Do you actually need your phone by your side every second of the day?

The disappointing lack of driver’s education

A movement for improved education methods in public schools has become a primary focus in California, but it hasn't been through the teaching of driver’s education.  

Shopping made traditional?

What would you rather do? Buy over 500 dollars worth of shoes online just so you can try them on at home, only to return the majority of them or go to the store to try on the same pairs and only buy the pair you actually like?

More often than not, less is more

Naturally, change comes with time; students slowly grow their intellectual skills, companies gradually expand their footprint with small adjustments and we, as individuals, become different people through the conflicts and happy memories that occur in life.

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