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Death panels: Carving out the vulnerable

Death panels were branded as inconceivable. Until 2020 and the Coronavirus.


Volume 52

Vol. 52 Senior Goodbyes

Every new beginning comes from an ending. As we say goodbye to the Class of 2020, here are a few parting words from our program’s seniors!

The poor mental health pandemic sweeping the nation

The symptoms of this pandemic include illness, isolation and information overload.

Weeks of distance learning eludes numerous shortcomings

Since the coronavirus outbreak, schools have shut down and had students quarantine at home. During this pandemic, students still had to continue their education no matter what. So the only way to proceed to learn was to switch to distance learning using apps including Zoom and Google Classroom.

Summer classes to resume over distance learning

Recently, Wilson counselors announced that summer school will continue online.

Class of 2020 passes on their college wisdom

Read to learn more about our Class of 2020!

COVID-19 hits Philippines in unexpected ways

In quarantine, many of us are dying from boredom, our lives practically over due to a lack of social activities and events to attend. However, in the Philippines, prisoners are also dying- literally.

Anti-Quarantine protests: Fueling the flame of American democracy

While the stock market plummets and essential workers fight on the front lines, going to the beach or protesting the quarantine seems absurd. However, “stupid and crazy” are just a few words to describe protesters during this pandemic. A national phenomenon with devastating consequences, the effects of these protests are beginning to trickle down to the local level.

The final delivery: Corona in your area

On a 13th of a certain Friday, a 20-year-old college student was just doing her normal part-time job to pay off debt, when she received an order for a certain delivery. She was just driving down 1679 Maple Street when someone wearing nothing but a t-shirt and sweatpants approached her. A few days later she ended up in a hospital due to a contagious lung disease.

Disney+ original Stargirl offers a geunine quarantine watch

Meet Stargirl. Or should we say, Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

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