HOSA State Leadership Conference Qualifiers Share Their Excitement As The Competition Approaches

Emily Axelrod (12) How did you feel when you found out you qualified for SLC? “I have done SLC multiple times before, so I am ...



Sophomore rack(et)s up success on the ping pong table

To some, playing table tennis is merely a hobby; however, for Yang, it is a lifestyle.

A Wildcat’s Halloween

Know our wildcats' thoughts on Halloween!

Cyclist pedals his way to success

BY SIDNEY WONG STAFF WRITER  Cycling his burning legs as the sun beams down on him, Trinity Gau pushes through the last meters of a...

Wildcats’ thoughts on homecoming

Find out what our wildcats think about homecoming!

We are total “Pan”s of our Homecoming royalty!

Get to know this year's homecoming court!

Stellar soccer player on the road to great success

Weaving the soccer ball swiftly between her feet, sophomore Julia Gomez races down the soccer field, the end time just seconds away. An instantaneous, successful kick to the goal and the crowd goes wild. This is the game she has been playing all her life, and she’s taking it to the very next level.

An insider on our freshmen’s first few weeks!

Check out Class of 2022's opinion on high school!

Double Trouble on the Gymnastics Floor

Whether they are doing back handsprings on the beam or doing shootovers on bars, senior competitive gymnast twins Lucia and Veiva Piner can show you how it’s done.   

How wildcats “Fall” into the new season

Learn about our wildcats' thoughts on autumn!

You Won’t Be-LEAF How Amazing Our Fall Sports Captains Are!

Curious about our fall sport's captains? Click here to find out more about them!

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