The Advanced Age of Political Leaders: Should We Be Worried?

As our country ages with every passing day, our most important political figures age with it. However, could these individuals ever be considered too...



Op-Ed Debacle: A writer with a right

This is a country with opportunity and freedom.  This is a country where the oppressed feel safe.  This is a country with a strong vocal base and a welcoming community.

Murder mystery: a political rendition

Mollie Tibbets: a name so suddenly plastered on newsstands across the country yet still so inconsiderately mourned by a far too politically motivated public, has evolved from a small town murder mystery to a nation-wide political debate. A beautiful girl with a promising future, 20 year old Tibbets’ carefree life was tragically cut short on July 18, 2018.

The College Board: Friend or Foe?

Domineering and elusive, a powerful monopoly reigns ominously over students’ academic freedom, ignoring their desperate pleas for change and fairness, all while  preaching equality for all--the College Board.

North Korea: Deceiving the Path to Peace

In the midst of today’s political turmoil, a once forgotten country seems to have found its way back to international media relevance: North Korea.

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