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CDC underperforming in building nation’s trust

In the presence of a constantly mutating virus, it is of the utmost importance that communication between the general public and the nation’s top...



For yourself or for the country?

Sometimes one mistake is all it takes. When 22 year old Otto Warmbier made the conscious decision to tear a North Korean propaganda poster off the wall of his hotel, he locked his fate up and threw away the key. About seventeen months later, he was dead.

The Catalonia crisis

The fight for independence. It has been the primary cause for many wars and political clashes throughout the course of history. When the fight for independence begins, people scramble to take sides, to make their voices heard.

Gunning down the law

Gun control. These two words were plastered on the front page of almost every relevant news source as the United States and the world reeled at the Vegas tragedy.

The Myanmar case study

 Jews, Armenians, Rohingyas. Three ethnic groups from three different countries, all inextricably linked by one action, one operation, one word.

Social woes: The homeless epidemic

 Take a seat on any public bench, and there is little doubt that you will find yourself uncomfortable. If these benches discourage you from continuing to sit, then the government -- the face of society -- has done its job properly.

Revamping Title IX sucks away the justice from victims

  “If everything is harassment, then nothing is,” Betsy DeVos, the Secretary of Education, likes to say.

Trump change: how much is he willing to spare?

Chauvinism and racism. Words that, over a year ago, may have never crossed the average American’s mind if prompted about the nation’s president. The contrast is now stark. The same words are blatant descriptions of our leadership today, a leadership that has placed self-service and discrimination above all.

Meat-ing our match: the food strikes back

In the 21th century, technology has evolved immensely, making it more convenient for the average person, with everything at hand. And yet, one aspect of society that has made little progress is the lack of awareness regarding the meat industry. In an evolving era where the people are making great leaps of progress in breaking the norm, the meat industry and its ethics have remained stagnant and threaten all of us, whether we are aware of it or not.

Op-Ed: The bully being bullied

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this piece are not a reflection of the views of Paw Prints Weekly as a whole. They are the...

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