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Campus undergoes mid-day lockdown


 Wilson administration issued a campus-wide lockdown that lasted approximately 20-30 minutes on Jan. 18.

 While pursuing a suspect on foot near campus, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department called the school as a precaution. Currently, the department cannot disclose any more details regarding the suspect or the incident.

 According to Principal Danielle Kenfield, the teachers received notice immediately after the sheriff’s department informed the school.

 “[Because of the email we sent], there should not have been any confusion, and all the students were promptly protected,” Kenfield said.

 In the event of a lockdown, students and teachers are to remain silent and make sure hallways are empty before they lock classroom doors. Students in the hallway are to be taken to the nearest classroom for protection.

 History teacher Robert Rogan says that many students and teachers did not know how to react to the situation.

 “[Many teachers and students] were wondering if the lockdown was real or another drill,” Rogan said. “Luckily, [my class and I] responded accordingly. I looked outside to make sure the hallways were empty, and there was a stray student we took inside.”

 According to junior Hana Kim, due to a lockdown drill a couple weeks ago, students had been confused whether the lockdown had been a drill or not.

 “We heard helicopters circling the area, [but we] did not think much of it until the signal rang, notifying the lockdown,” Kim said. “[Many of us] just thought it was another [test]. [Hopefully], we are able to be better informed in case of an emergency, because students don’t really take the drills as serious as they should.”

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