Campus Light Addresses Mental Health


 Campus Light, Wilson’s Christian club, held its Mental Health Awareness Rally on March 7.

 During the event, speaker junior Mayeli Mendoza and National School Project (NSP) leader college student Kayla Yoshitake shared their testimonies on overcoming mental illnesses and depression.

 According to Campus Light co-president junior Jordan Chan, the rally appeared to be a true success.

 “I think the rally went very well, and we were so blessed with the turnout. Even though we only started advertising the day before, we still ended up with over 100 attendees, reaching full capacity in the media center,” Chan said. “Although I am sure the free pizza was appealing, there were still many people who were appreciative and even impacted by our speakers’ messages, which is all we could really ask for.”

 Additionally, junior Mayeli Mendoza shares  the inspiration for giving her testimony, regardless of her fear of public speaking.

 “I wanted students to relate to what I was feeling, and I felt that it was important to open up on mental health and the daily struggles that usually go unnoticed,” Mendoza said. “I [believe] God was telling me to share how I overcome my daily struggles through prayer and constant devotion to Him, so I did.”

 Furthermore, junior Ariana Barba speaks out on what she took away from the event.

   “I was blessed to have learned how important God is to me and my faith. I learned how different Catholicism and Christianity are and that, through our struggles, we are not alone,” Barba said. “In the end, Mayeli’s speech got to me, since I was able to relate to her so much.”

 Campus Light’s next meeting will be in Room B-8 on March 20.


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