California Scholarship Federation holds meeting for new members

Glen A. Wilson High School’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) held a general meeting during lunch in room G-11, Ms. Arteaga’s room on Oct 20.

During the general meeting, the CSF cabinet announced the members who were qualified for the CSF Membership and promoted the Peer Tutoring Project, as well as going over new and exciting scholarship opportunities for members. 

Co-president Irisa Le (12) explains what the Peer Tutoring Project is and shares why she hopes members participate in the project as well as how members are able to gain leadership skills and experiences. 

“The peer tutoring project is a CSF-led project that offers after-school tutoring and studying hours for AP and Honors students,” Le states. She adds on, saying “Our after-school hours are on Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Arteaga’s room.” 

Additionally, Le shares why she hopes CSF members will participate as well as the leadership experiences that members can gain, sharing “I hope members will participate because they can learn how important it is to be active in a community. Tutoring allows members to demonstrate and use their hard-earned academic skills to assist struggling students.”

In addition to the exciting tutoring opportunity, CSF also introduced new scholarship opportunities for members.

One scholarship is the Coca-Cola Scholarship program, which lasts until Oct. 31. The program is open for high school seniors only with a 3.0 GPA or higher and recognizes their capacity to lead and serve as well as their commitment to making an impact on their schools and communities. 

Vice president Max Lee (12) explains the importance of scholarships for members as well as why he hopes members apply for them. “Scholarships are important for paying for higher education which can be very expensive,” Lee says. “CSF hopes members apply because they are a great opportunity to get free money and pay for their education.”

Lastly, treasurer Reese Lim (11) hopes more students will join CSF. “CSF encourages and recognizes students for their academic excellence through scholarships and service opportunities. I hope students join because it is a bright club that will impact our community,” Lim explains.

With all these exciting opportunities, make sure to check out CSF as they are still accepting late applications. The next meeting will be on Nov. 3rd.


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