Business pathway hosts first annual showcase

Glen A. Wilson’s business pathway recently hosted its first annual business showcase on Friday, Apr. 29. 

Newly recruited business teacher Jorge Ramirez initiated a semester-wide project where business pathway students grouped up to create a hypothetical company to present to “investors,” or students, at the gym. All business periods will be in attendance at the gym on Friday, with more than enough visiting classes, according to Ramirez.  

At the beginning of the second semester, students were tasked to find a problem they wanted to tackle and offer a solution. Students made their case through weeks of research and presentations to create mock products, logos, and posters that replicated a start-up.   

Ramirez shares his thoughts on the process of students collaborating and honing their skills through the semester for this year-long project.  

“Working with the students was great. I loved every step of the way,” Ramirez said. My goal is for students to apply what they have learned during class when it comes to financing and business topics, marketing, public speaking and networking. My hope for the showcase is that all of those skills learned in class can be applied this Friday,” said Ramirez.

However, Ramirez looks to improve the logistic side of the showcase in the future.  

“The most challenging part of this project was getting permits from the district, administrators involved, rental companies and paperwork.” 

Each company comprised about 4 to 5 students, one being the designated leader or chief executive officer (CEO). 

VRIWI CEO Angelina Tan (11), who runs a company that aims to inspire students to be organized and coordinated in a fun and simple way, shares her excitement and nervousness about the showcase.  

“The experience of being a CEO was beyond phenomenal but very stressful, especially coming towards the showcase,” said Tan. “I got to work with a wonderful team, and I wouldn’t have been able to build [the company] without them.” 

To add on, meet N eat Vice President Irene Lee (11), whose company revolves around the lack of scholarship and job opportunities on campus, recalls the long journey from brainstorming to finalizing the posters for their business.   

“Seeing our ideas come alive is very interesting,” Lee said. “We started by trying to solve a problem to make a company to eventually sell it to actual students. The process has been very stressful yet thrilling.”   

The business pathway looks to make adjustments to next year’s business showcase. Until then, business students have concluded the semester with the showcase. 


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