Buccaneers defeat Chiefs in long awaited Super Bowl

The Buccaneers are starting 2021 with a touchdown!

The recent Super Bowl had the Kansas City Chiefs competing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had overpowered the field and won the game with 31-9 on Feb 7.

Many speculated whether the Buccaneers’ quarterback, Tom Brady, would win his first Super Bowl with a team other than the New England Patriots or if the Kansas City Chiefs would be the first team in history to win twice in a row within 2003 and 2004. Now that scores have been finalized, Tom Brady is known for winning the most Super Bowls than any other NFL champion. With this win, Brady has received his seventh title. This is the most any Super Bowl team has one, especially since both The Cowboys and 49ers have fived totaled. To many fans and critics, they refer to Brady as “the greatest” and “the GOAT” due to his amazing football skills. Although he was on a new team, he helped bring his team to victory.

Brady has stated that winning the Super Bowl was from amazing teamwork and he does not want to separate individual and team. With their defense and offense groups constantly chasing Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, they were able to impact the game profusely.

This Super Bowl game was one of the worst defeats for Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Although he and his team demonstrated great teamwork throughout the game, the Chiefs have a lot to improve, particularly their defense strategies. The Kansas City Chiefs were excelling the offense department, but were not doing well in chasing their opponents away. According to Mahomes, he plans to watch the footage and try to utilize the skills seen from the Buccaneers. Due to relying on offense methods, they lost the game. Even though they did not win, many football teams use this type of scheme on the field. The 49ers were seen doing facsimiles in 2020’s Super Bowl.

In addition, the Weeknd performed some of his greatest hit songs at the Super Bowl halftime. Throughout his performance, he had amazing backdrop scenery and backup dancers that helped portray different feelings of art while on stage. People who watched were pleasantly surprised at how well the Weeknd’s stage was.

Although the Super Bowl is a big event, organizers made sure to take some precautions. Most of the conferences and meetings took place over Zoom, making that their virtual lifeline. When being questioned, Tom Brady was in a room isolated from the others.

Even though they made sure people were six feet apart, it still seems a bit unsafe to allow 2,353 people.

To celebrate their win, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had done a mini victory parade that was safe for the pandemic. They had used a boat and traveled through the Hillsborough River. Fans were able to watch while sitting near the river and witnessed the football players celebrating.

The overall game was great; the better team between the two is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, many also speculate that the Chiefs were robbed of some points due to the referees. Thankfully, both teams were able to receive rings with their name labeled on it. In a pandemic, it is beneficial to bring back entertainment that will remind us of “normal” life, and this year’s Super Bowl was just that to many football fans.


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