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BTS comeback excites fans

BTS (Entertainment) Ying Yang

  It is obvious that BTS put their “Blood, Sweat and Tears” into every aspect of their newest album.

  South Korean boy band Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) is back again with another record-breaking mini-album,  Love Yourself: Her.

  The new album was released on Sept. 18 and features many diverse tracks, including a collaboration with American artist Andrew Taggart from The Chainsmokers. The title track “DNA” ranked #1 in 71 countries and racked up 20.9 million views on YouTube in 24 hours, breaking BTS’ previous record of 13 million.

  BTS did not fail to meet the high expectations of many new fans and seasoned fans alike.  

  Their new music video, “DNA,” paralleled with the quality of their earlier music videos, containing colorful sets,  artistic graphics, and sophisticated visual effects  that combined with flawless choreography to draw viewers in. Moreover,  the soothing voices of the vocal line  and the crisp voices of the rap line add to the aesthetic qualities of the video, making viewers want to listen to the song repeatedly. Even though the style of BTS’ music videos have changed, the quality has not, reflecting on the long hours that they put into making their  music videos.

  Furthermore, the group’s new album, which is a stark contrast to the style of their previous albums, proves their versatility and their ability to work under a variety of different techniques and genres.

  In comparison to their older albums, Love Yourself: Her is comprised of fast-paced songs using new techniques such as EDM and electronica. Even so, the quality of their music and the standard of their songs remained the same. For example, in their new songs, BTS’ well-known lyrical ability can be seen. For instance, in the hidden track “Sea,” the lyrics read “Where is hope there is trials… Where there is hope there is despair… We have to despair for all of those trials.” These lyrics illustrate the struggles of many people today, including the members of BTS themselves. Although the band is now well known, BTS members have had their share of trials and despair, once almost disbanding due to lack of funds. Their struggles convey that mainstream artists face obstacles just like everyone else.            

  Overall, BTS dedicated as much time and effort to this album as every album before despite a very busy schedule. Taking a break from their world tour at the end of May, the boy band held a celebration for the four year anniversary of their debut, producing and publicizing three more songs in the process. Afterwards, the group took a quick vacation in Hawaii, returning promptly to  South Korea to begin their album in a short time of a month and a half.

  Never seeming to catch a break, these boys wrote, produced, and practiced over and over again. Ultimately, they never fail to impress, cementing their place in the Kpop world as well as the music world forever.

Check out their song “DNA” below!


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