Bringing the Eras Tour On-Screen: What To Expect and Look Out For

  Think about it: a dim movie theater, fans wearing Eras attire with bracelets on their wrists and popcorn in their hands, anxiously yet excitedly waiting for Taylor Swift to appear on the big screen. What’s going on here, and why is Taylor Swift a part of this?

  If you replied with the showing of the Eras Tour documentary, then you are indeed correct. This week, on Oct. 13, the captivating world tour in its first leg of the global trek will be released in movie theaters all across North America. Ever since Swift’s announcement of the production of the movie at the end of August, fans–also known as Swifties–are very excited to see the famous singer and her tour come to life in theaters. This applies especially to the people who missed Swift’s concert when she came to visit their cities. Whether or not the people have seen a concert from the Eras Tour, this is an exciting time for all Swifties, as it gives them another way of showing their support.

  On the day of Swift’s movie production announcement, she posted a trailer for the movie, tweeting that the tour has been the most meaningful experience in her life and how exciting it was for it to be brought to cinemas. With that, Swifties have been bomboarding the AMC ticketing app for a chance to get tickets, making the app’s ticketing traffic the largest it had ever been. The anticipation for the concert film went sky-high, just like how so many fans waited for the day that the Eras Tour was walking into their city. Just think about how hectic it was to get tickets for the tour, and then multiply it by the soaring demand in tickets for the movie–perhaps that was just how much more chaotic the buying of the movie tickets were. Since so many Swifties all over North America were buying tickets so quickly and at such a high demand, the purchases and the distribution of the tickets caused the entire AMC app to crash entirely and have the moviegoers buy the ticket at their nearest personal AMC theater. Talk about chaotically encouraging fans!

  For the Swifties out there who are thinking about getting tickets or have already bought them, you might be wondering what to expect for the tour’s movie rendition. Have a look at what Billboard currently knows about the concert film. From there, we can see if the movie’s going to exceed everyone’s expectations!

  The film was shot over the course of the first three shows in SoFi Stadium, but since one of Swift’s shows lasts for more than three hours, most of the raw footage was shaved off in order for a total runtime of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Swift is also doing her best to make the viewing experience about as real as a show from the tour through her encouragement to the fans, letting them do the traditions for a live show: “Eras attire, friendship bracelets, and singing and dancing encouraged.” A possible surprise song [from the six Swift has revealed in her shows at SoFi] will also have a featured spot in the movie, so look forward to that part and take a guess on what you think the song is! 

  Finally, here are a few fun facts and tidbits about the movie, its ticket sales, and information regarding a few Easter Eggs hidden within. 

  Let us talk about the ticket sales: as aforementioned, Swifties have bombarded the AMC app in order to get tickets, but little did they know that they would accidentally set a record for advance ticket sales revenue: 26 million dollars in just less than 24 hours. Speaking of tickets, take a look at the prices: $19.89 for adults and $13.13 for kids and seniors. What do these prices refer to? They’re Easter Eggs: $19.89 refers to Swift’s fifth album and her next “Taylor’s Version” record: 1989; while $13.13 refers to the singer’s lucky number 13.

  The situation is quite well-known, but what’s even more shocking about the production of the movie was how it got through the Hollywood writers’ strike. Yes, that’s right: the film was videotaped, edited, and looked over during the time of the revolt against Hollywood. This was due to the documentary obtaining clearance under the SAG-AFTRA interim agreement, which allows for the work of individual productions that meet the standards sought by unions in the strike. The film was also on the list of approved interim agreement projects, which was another reason why the documentary went through with production.

  Of course, it’ll be the day of the first movie screenings by the time this article’s released, so expect to see Swifties in every AMC movie theater you go to (depending on whether or not you have bought a ticket). Despite all the initial chaos of getting a ticket and pushing your way into the theater and your seat, it’ll be all worth it in the end to see Swift and her show come to life through the big screen. Ending this with a tradition that dates back to Swift’s Reputation Tour (and all Swifties should know) and referring to her post: “1, 2, 3, LGB!!!!”


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