Brawl Stars effectively captures the attention of milennials

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Step down, social media. It’s time to introduce the new interest for millennials: Brawl Stars.  

  The game, first released on Dec. 12 2018 by mobile game company Supercell, has made over 63 million dollars since its release. The purpose of the game is simple: win, gain trophies and receive avatars. Matches typically last a couple of minutes, and  one virtual stick controls the character while another aims and fire ammunition.

 Ultimately, the game is structured on the player’s activity. The more one plays, the more avatars and playing modes will be unlocked. With this layout, players are motivated to play round after round without ever getting bored.

 At first glance, there seems to be nothing unique about the game. After all, the way Brawl Stars is structured seems generic, and is almost identical to other typical game apps available on the App store, with battling opponents as the main focus. However, the interactive game incorporates multiple features that allows players to be hooked on in no time.

 Notably, the games includes many modes that gamers can choose from, and each mode has a different purpose. For example, Gem Grab is a three-on-three player experience where bright purple gems appear from a hole in the center of the field. Each team “brawls” to be the first to claim 10 gems, then hold firm as the timer ticks down. This mode allows friends to play with each other by adding them through usernames or Facebook and gain trophies as a team. Additionally, there are many other modes players can battle in, such as Showdown, Heist, Bounty, Siege, Brawl Ball and more.

 These features allow Brawl Stars to gain such a large audience even with tough competition. While games such as Fortnite integrate many of the same elements such as team playing, it is not as easily accessible. Many times, the experience of Fortnite is better adapted on consoles or PC, and older phones may not even support the game. Furthermore, the lengthy matches are awkward and cumbersome, especially when players are looking for a quick fix of competitive game playing.

 On the contrary, Brawl Stars is focused to be played on the smartphone. Because of this,  the game is available on a variety of phones, making playing much more accessible and simple for friends to compete together.  Also, one key component missing from Brawl Stars is blood and gore. Usually, games that are centered around “shooting” are likely to include graphics that are not appropriate for all audiences, which may decrease popularity.

 Nevertheless, the theme of Brawl Stars is extremely simplistic. Whenever a player dies, there is no blood and gore, and cheerful music plays in the background to encourage gamers to battle for the win. Bright colors and unique aviators are key characteristics of the game, which not only attracts people of all ages but also allows beginners to practice their skills.

 For instance, Brawl Stars is generally slower compared to other video games, which means that the characters are moving at a slow pace. In addition, the perspective of the game is in the third person, so players are able to see other brawlers and the whole playfield instead of looking at the game in first person perspective.

 Because of the lethargic pace and large field of perception, the game is suitable for individuals who have never participated in these types of entertainment. The experience and skill people see from playing Brawl Stars can be applied to other advanced games that they also may be interested in.  

 Another factor that contributes to Brawl Stars’ accessibility is the cost. There are few in-app purchases, but even if one only plays the game without paid features, there are still many opportunities and events that are obtainable. There are also no appearances of advertisements, which benefits players as there are no disruptions during matches.

 While video games do have a negative connotation surrounding them, it is also important to note that this has become a fundamental part of today’s society, especially since technology is incorporated into various parts of our everyday life. When games such as Brawl Stars are available for everyone to play, it indicates to the public that being able to play games does not depend on skills, and that anyone can be a star and participate in the fun nature of “brawling.”


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